August 23, 2022


The charm of regular switches might prevail to date and are still preferred by many homeowners but long gone are the days when people prefer regular switches over modular switches that add elegant designs, classiness, functionality & safety to homes. In the earlier times, switches were a mere necessity.

But as we are moving towards an era of intelligent automation architecture, there’s nothing else that could enhance the style factor of our interiors as the modular switches would do. Thus, modular switches do not just serve the purpose of switching on or off electrical appliances, but they also add ease of use, and functionality and enhance safety from overloading or short circuits. 

Taking note of the importance of modular switches, today we have come up with nine things that people must consider before buying modular switches. 

Listed below are the nine things that we should keep in mind while buying electrical switches: 

  • The type of switch you prefer: Although there’s no way regular switches could serve a better purpose than modular switches. But, different factors like affordability, minimum usage, zero need to glam up your space with the best choice, and personal preferences could make you prefer regular switches. This is why; we at Vensor offer a wide range of elegant, functional, and smart switches that glams up your space in minutes. So when it comes to choosing the switchgear for your home, choose both convenience and classiness with Vensor. 
  • If you prefer environmentally friendly switches, then modular switches are the best option for your spaces. They are made of 100 % recyclable materials that do not cause a threat to nature. 
  • Material of the switches – The biggest role of modular switches is, that they are safe and protect the space from any outbreak of danger. So make sure that your switches are 100% fire retardant materials with a high melting point. The modular range of switches by Vensor are exclusively crafted from quality materials that make every switch durable, damage proof and fire retardant.
  • Enhanced safety – every electrical appliance is expected to be crafted with all the required safety features.  Good quality must-have features like a safety shield, shutter mechanism, and other related features that protect the home and its user from unwanted danger such as short circuits, overloading, power cut, catching of fire, etc. Vensor group offers modular switches that are ISI marked and are designed with the safety standards set by the industry. 
  • Dust Proof- A dust-proof set of modular switches is like a cherry on the cake! Layers of dust could make a good set of switches look dull and threaten the safety of the house. So glam up your walls today with a good set of modular switches that are designed to be dustproof and shine on your walls with their glossy body. The expert team at Vensor design sleek and slim switches that are given extra shielding against dust.
  • Insulation- Prioritize buying switches that are resistant to insulation more than anything else. Get insulated against a shock with Modular switches that are highly insulated to be specifically shockproof. If you are looking for a trusted brand, then do not forget to consider trying the modular switches by Vensor that have a minimum insulation resistance of 2200 ohms. 
  • They must add classiness and elegance to your interiors- the reason why modular switches are preferred by most homeowners is that they add aesthetics to our interiors and recreate the style factor of every wall. Explore the unique range of intelligently crafted modular switches by Vensor that is elegant, classic, and bold. Our opulent design can assure you a gorgeous wall everywhere you fit them.
  • Modular switches must be convenient and easy to use – From the standpoint of desiring a functional switching system we all prefer user-friendly and convenient switches. Ensure this by switching to noise-free, shockproof, and effective modular switching solutions by Vensor that never compromise your wellbeing. 
  • Durability and replacement options – We all prefer solutions for our home that can last long. This is why we must opt for switches that are designed to last a lifetime and at least offers a minimum period warranty card that offers replaced items in case of damages and discrepancies. We at Vensor design and craft switches with high-quality raw materials and products that make them last a lifetime and resist damage against dust, moisture, or other unexpected effects. We also ensure to offer replacements and discounts to mark Vensor as a user-friendly brand.

Vensor group is presently an aspiring brand that wants to stand out in the industry with bespoke electrical appliances that revolutionize the idea of the ordinary into something huge!

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