August 14, 2022


The real estate and the electrical products industry has been growing swiftly in recent years with the increasing demand for products with cutting-edge technology. With this increase in demand for smart products w,e have experienced the need to switch to modular switches for our commercial as well as residential spaces. 

Modular switches are specifically those switches that are crafted with worldly and contemporary designs to enhance the sophistication statement of the house with its slim, sleek metallic body equipped with super functionality and advanced technology. They have taken over the electrical products industry with their aesthetic quotient over traditional switches. They are safer to use, convenient to operate, smarter and look better than the conventional switches. 

We know how much value each electrical products add to your home. So selecting the right products is very important for a safe and convenient home. This is why today we have got you covered in picking the best modular switches for your home - 

  1. Choose switches that have heat-resistant materials. The safety of your home must be your primary concern. So to assure this major part, one must choose switches that are made of flame retardant materials. FR grade polycarbonate cover or a glass cover might be the perfect choice in such a case. One may easily choose one among them while buying a pair of modular switches for their home.
  1. Broad Customisable Options - Sometimes walls do not just have ears they also have a mouth! Your walls speak or express their elegance through a perfect pair of switches that blend well with them. So to ensure it, craft them your way and prefer broader customisable options that fit your needs.
  1. Elegant Designs with a wide variety - You may no more be devoid of the importance of crafting beautiful walls by choosing a pair of beautiful switch palettes. So choosing a brand like Vensor, which offers a wide variety of elegant designs is a necessity. 
  1. Child Safety - Children might not be aware of how being precautions against the danger of electrical appliances is important. Making your children aware might be a daunting task but choosing modular switches that are safe for children in every way is a very important tip to remember before purchasing modular switches. 
  1. Easy maintenance and repair - The best way to choose a switch palette that is convenient to use and ensures easy maintenance and repair are the ones that allow easy disconnection of a faulty switch or socket. Vensor offers several modular switches range that offers the system of front-loading mechanism to prevent damage to the surrounding walls and paints while its removal. 
  1. Precision engineering and Innovative Products - The most important thing to look for in any range of modular switches is if it has the perfect blend of functionality and designs. To let these two qualities sync into the products, one must craft the switches with precision in the engineering of their products along with Innovative designs that express strong classiness and elegance. You can check out this perfect balance that modular switches by Vensor offer in each of their switches range. 
  1. Affordability - The last but not the least factor, this is the most important quality that should be offered by every electrical products company. Switch to brands or products that are more affordable while also being true to the quality and function of their products. 

Now that you are prepped up to buy the perfect modular switches range for your home, do not forget to check out the majestic collection of modular switches by Vensor that are a perfect blend of bold, quirky and innovative designs, superlative quality, cutting-edge technology, functionality and most importantly affordability! 

So get ready to dive deep into their product categories and glam up your walls with their diverse collection of modular switches