August 14, 2022


Have you ever thought about the maximum uninteresting object in the room concerning embellishment, is it a switch, isn’t it right? 

Switches are designed to perform two functions. First to keep the wire out of the emblem and addition, offer you the smooth and appropriate action. It is a device that intrudes the flow of electrons according to the stimulus. 

To replicate your exclusive character, it is significant to enhance your interior with the best décor accessible in the market from diverse companies. Some people think that switches do not play any role in interior décor. But this is not so true. Switches also play a very important role in the interior décor. 

As nowadays there is a lot of company available in the market for offering the best quality and attractive modular switches.

One of those company is Vensor.

Modular switches bid you plentyvariabilities with high-performance Facilities. Likewise, those ancient traditional switches, there are new-fangled switches that are governing the market, which is a modular switch. These modular switches redefine the sense of extravagance with their lovely, ground-breaking, and artisticarrival. Modular switches deliver you variousof colorsthus can match the décor of your interior. 

Vensor modular switches are harmless and extraappropriate to usage.

Features of modular switches are: –

1. Multi-functional: These modular switches are multi-multi-functional and allows not only appliances and gadgets to power up from them but also telephone communication equipment as well.

2. Flame Retardants: Modular switches accessible by vensor are completed up of flame retardant polycarbonate thermoplastic polymer. Consequently, it aids to avoiddangerousevents. 

3. Dust-shield: A dust-shield is available in the switch to prevent dust from retaining the design for an extended period. Dust-shield supports switches to uphold their attractivearrival for the long term. 

Vensor India offers a high range of modular switches such as Favit Switch, Vinixa Switch, Artemis switch, etc. These modular switches are intended by upholding a high level of engineering superiority. 

So what are you thinking about? decorate your room with the latest designed modular switches only at Vensor.